Hard drive capacity to double in 10 years

On March 5, 2013, in Storage News, by Nick Parsons

In ten years time we should see hard drive capacity double, says Hitachi. More specifically, the density of storage platters.

A new technology, nanotechnology, will be used to manufacture hard drive platters with roughly double the current density, which is 1TB per platter for new 3.5″ hard drives. The new technology uses various new methods of nanoimprinting and self assembling molecules, with each bit being about 50 atoms in size. This new tech will require all sorts of new chemistry to enable the surface to work correctly.

There are other technologies on the horizon such as HAMR and helium filled drives which also aim to increase the capacity of hard drives, but these focus on the recording and internal mechanics of the drive, where as nanotechnology focus on the platter medium itself. All of these new technologies will form some exciting times for the world of storage.


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