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We try our best to offer our clients the most affordable prices on data recovery services. That being said, data recovery is often not a cheap exercise. Take into consideration the highly specialized tools and equipment we have to maintain, continuous upskilling of staff and everything in between, there are a lot of boxes we have to tick in order to offer you the best chance of recovering your precious data. With transparency in mind, we are one of the few data recovery service providers who advertises our pricing publicly. We have heard many horror stories of clients who have been ripped off by other providers who prey on their desperation. Have a look at our data recovery pricing list for an idea of what data recovery on your device might cost.

Price list

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Note on pricing: Recoveries fall into 2 categories, hardware and software.

Hardware: The most common recovery where a hard drive has suffered from some form of mechanical or electrical fault.
Software: This recovery is only required when the hard drive functions normally, but the data was lost due to deletion, accidental format or virus attack.
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For details on the different types of hard drive failures please see common failures or see what we’ve been doing with our latest jobs.



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