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Toshiba manufacture a large range of electronic devices including hard drives, laptops and televisions. In terms of hard drives, Toshiba specialise in the manufacturing of portable form factor drives, being 1.8″ and 2.5″ hard drives. These are used in applications from iPods to laptop computers. Toshiba do not manufacture desktop size, 3.5″ hard drives.

Toshiba hard drives are not found in high numbers in South Africa. Some laptop manufacturers do ship them with laptops as OEM drives, however this number is small.

Considering the low volume of Toshiba hard drives in the local computer market the requests for data recovery from this brand are comparatively low. When such drives do require recovery there are often issues with the hard drive’s firmware.

Hard drive data recovery relating to Toshiba hard drives includes:

  • Logical data recovery involving repair of the file system stored on the hard drive, damaged by virus attacks, user error or hardware failure.
  • Electrical data recovery involving repair or replacement of the main electrical components (PCB), damaged by static, bad power or surges, or user damage.
  • Physical data recovery involving repair or replacement of the mechanical components within the hard drive internals. This includes replacement of the head stack assembly (HSA), motor spindle, or any other parts requiring repair or replacement. Damage to these components is often by wear and tear, manufacturing defects or user damage such as a drop or fall.

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